Psychedelic last temple


Dots, lines and black shadings. Kenji’s style in tattooing uses simple elements to create elaborate masterpieces. His style can be seen as a symmetric, mathematical, exploration of infinity and hyperbolic geometry. 

After a four year residency in a Tokoyo studio , Kenji decided to separate and start his solo career under the name BlackInkPower. In partnership with his apprentices, he begun working as a guest tattooer at Professional tattoo studios all over the world.  After being a ”nomad” tattooer for 7 years, Kenji opened a studio in Berlin, Germany august 2019. Since his childhood, Kenji has been strongly influenced by Psy-Trance music and he started tattooing himself with a self-modified electric toothbrush at the age of 16.  After a 15 years journey of finding his own style in tattooing, he dumped all the color inks to start black and dot works. Kenji has been admiring Xed Lehead from Devine Canvas in London and being heavily influenced by his style and technique. After mastering his seamless technique, he started to deepen his own style in free-hands, which he calls its style as “Geometrical protection” today.  By his great supporter and fans, Kenji’s journey continues its own way.




The main feature of Roberto’s designs is that they flow on the body, integrating with the person’s anatomy.

Often, the designs match the personality of the client and it feels as though the tattoo is already there - he just let it out.

The inspirational roots of his work come from nature and the connection he has with her elements; water, fire, plants, the sun, the moon, the stars, the ocean and so on.
He grew up fascinated by physics and the Universe and this comes out clearly in his drawings.

Another important, complementary element of his composition is based on the patterns and symbology of tribal and ancient civilisations. He believes that they are keepers of wisdom and deep, esoterical knowledge that we have somehow forgotten but not yet completely lost.

He believes that tattoo reconnects the people to their tribal and ancestral roots; celebrating nature and our bond with her.

Samsara Pictogram

Blackwork tribalesque and geometric inspired handpoke artist based in Berlin.

bespoke designs + symbols and signs + lines

Tattooing on the road since the last 10 years, Dasha is now based at Black Ink Power in Berlin, but continues to make guestspots around Europe and Asia. Dasha’s journey has taken her all around India, Nepal and South East Asia, where she met her co-worker, Kenji Alucky, along with a multitude of amazing artists from around the world, learning to tattoo along the way with guidance from the tattoo community. With these connections, she has spent the last years working in renowned studios around Europe as a guest artist and finally settled in Germany. 

Dasha works by hand, a technique that is influenced by traditional tribal tattooing, in the days before machine tattooing became widely available. This technique is slower than machine tattooing but a lot less stressful for the body, making it ideal for more delicate areas such as the face or hands. Taking influence from geometric forms in nature combined with patterns of tribal influence, Dasha’s work continues to evolve as she continues her tattoo journey. She works closely with her clients, using their ideas as reference for each bespoke project. 

Believing each and every body has its own uniqueness, shape and beauty, She tries to use each person’s natural flow to guide the work and allow the piece to emerge from the body.


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