Black Power Ink


The Last Psychedelic Temple

Introducing a Modern approach to an Ancient craft.

Black Ink Power is a private Tattoo studio in Berlin, Germany that specializes in Geometric tattoos. Led by the vision of Kenji Alucky, our team of Artists embrace his unique approach. One of our primary principals, is that each tattoo must be specifically tailored for the body.

At our tattoo studio every curve and bevel of your body is taken in thought, by every artist on the team.

We consider all the requirements. Already from the starting point of the process the primary focus is on your physical structure and characteristics. This is the last psychedelic temple, a memory you will never forget and an experience that you will always cherish. Get to know the Artists at “Black Ink Power” with the link bellow.

What was never lost, can never be found

Black Ink Power Tattoo Studio

We are a collection of unique tattoo artists, that collectively and individually push tattooing – to the next level.  Using the links below you can learn more about Black Ink Power and the artists, get in contact with the Tattoo studio and grab yourself some merch.

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Do you live far from Berlin, Germany?

That is not a problem! A majority of our customers must fly from far to get tattooed. We are experienced in long sessions and love working hard. It is possible to book large scaled projects day after day and achieve impressive results in 3-4 days.
In most cases, 1 weekend will be enough time, if you have more questions about the topic please send us an email. We can assist you if needed with finding reliable accommodations in Berlin for your travels. You can view more information on the subject here.