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What method of Payment is Accepted?2021-09-16T12:36:28+00:00

Every artist at Black Ink Power has their own method of processing payments. Please ask your artist before the session what methods of payments are accepted.

Can I bring a friend with me to the session?2021-08-21T21:56:57+00:00

Sadly, due to Corona-19 regulations you must come alone to the session.

How much does a tattoo cost?2021-08-21T21:55:28+00:00

In most situations you can receive an estimate for your project prior to the project. Every artist has their own method to calculate the price.
The best is to ask directly the artist via the Contact form.

Traveling from far – Hotel & Flight2021-09-16T12:35:12+00:00

If you are traveling from far and you need assistance with bookings or general information, please mention this to us in an email and we will assist you.

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