Kenji Alucky

Dots, lines and black shadings. Kenji’s style in tattooing uses simple elements to create elaborate masterpieces. His style can be seen as a symmetric, mathematical, exploration of infinity and hyperbolic geometry.

After a four year residency in a Tokoyo studio , Kenji decided to separate and start his solo career under the name BlackInkPower. In partnership with his apprentices, he begun working as a guest tattooer at Professional tattoo studios all over the world.  After being a ”nomad” tattooer for 7 years, Kenji opened a studio in Berlin, Germany august 2019. Since his childhood, Kenji has been strongly influenced by Psy-Trance music and he started tattooing himself with a self-modified electric toothbrush at the age of 16.  After a 15 years journey of finding his own style in tattooing, he dumped all the color inks to start black and dot works. Kenji has been admiring Xed Lehead from Devine Canvas in London and being heavily influenced by his style and technique. After mastering his seamless technique, he started to deepen his own style in free-hands, which he calls its style as “Geometrical protection” today.  By his great supporter and fans, Kenji’s journey continues its own way.

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